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A plugin logging how many times your post/page has been visited, supporting cache plugin, with detailed analysis pages and powerful external invoking functions.

Latest Version: V2.6.3 ( Released on 30 May 2014, add favorite category list (like post list))

Reminder: You can find it in “Dashboard -> Post View -> Options”! Pls note that the historic summary data wont be deleted, only detailed post view records will be deleted.


I wont add any donation link in your dashboard page. Any donation would be great appreciated.

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A quick catch up what this plugin will provide you.【Previews】.


How to get this plugin work? any external invoking functions? sample code? 【Usage】.


Don’t understand what “previews/viewed coverage” means? 【Terms】.

Q & A:

Plugin cannot work? upgrade failure? want to uninstall it? 【Q & A】.

Change Log:

New features implemented? bug fixed? concern about upgrade risk? 【Change Log】.


Provide wordpress plugin development service as well. 【Mail to Suny】.


Russian : Vladimir Prohorenkov, Portuguese : Fail to find the translator, French : Benoit.

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  1. mohammad 2015-03-27
    @23:45 Reply

    install this plugin on wordpress 4.1 and then enable wordpress debug mode. see error “The query argument of wpdb::prepare() must have a placeholder.” this plugin must have edite. pleas update to correct work . thanks .

  2. entir 2015-01-26
    @01:31 Reply

    Hello Dear Suny,

    I install your Post View Plugin to my site, everything is fine and I’m very happy with your plugin the way it works.

    I just need a little bit change to the plugin, and the I did not find any option to do that.

    At present the plugin is showing: Read: 2

    I mean the total read count of a post and is is showing in English ” 2″ But I want to show this count in my own Language like in Bangla and in Bangla or Bengali it will show = Read: ২ Read: ৩ Read: ৪ Read: ৫ and so on.

    In Bengali the numeric count like – ১, ২, ৩, ৪, ৫, ৬, ৭, ৮, ৯

    Can you please tell me how can I change this from 1 to ১
    I mean where to change or customize?

    Please, please Dear Suny help me, I need this change, I really need this change.

  3. Fen 2014-11-30
    @00:11 Reply

    Mayby update, bicose its dont work with new version WP :-)

  4. Suny Tse2014-12-01
    @22:51   to  FenReply

    Cannot work? Could you give details?

  5. Marco 2014-09-15
    @21:01 Reply

    Hello dear,

    I wanted to know if it was possible to filter by date, from – to

    and also for the type of author


  6. Vadim 2014-07-09
    @17:01 Reply

    I would like to ask a question.
    Some years I use a similar plugin TOP-10 and would like to go to your plugin. Is it possible to import values ​​from the plugin, or manually edit the views in the settings of your plugin?
    Thank you!

  7. Suny2014-07-15
    @23:25   to  VadimReply

    Currently dont support TOP-10 data import. and there is no manual way to do this. Need to open database table to run sql.

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